Introduction to the department

Welcome to the Department of Applied Economics of the UIB. This department is its teachers, students and also its administrative team. These Web pages are devoted to describing who we are and what we do, both with respect to teaching, research and management. Also the Web pages serve to inform you of where you can find us.

The University of the Balearic Islands is a relatively new institution, the nature of which began in 1978. As a result of the last restructure of the staff of teachers, the Department of Applied Economics was created in January 2003. This department consists of 70 teachers, of whom 40 are professors and researchers who are dedicated full time to teaching, research and university management.

The Department of Applied Economics is focused on quality research, publishable in journals of national and international prestige. Most of its members are working in funded research projects, usually in the context of a research group. The department attaches great importance to the promotion of seminars and contacts with researchers from other universities.

Regarding teaching, the Department of Applied Economics offers training both at undergraduate and postgraduate level. In this regard, we emphasize our International Graduate Program in Tourism and Environmental Economics, which includes both a Master's Degree, offered in English as well as a Ph.D. program, which has the Quality Award of the Ministry of Education.