Submission of an article as a working paper of the DEA

Working papers of the DEA are intended to disseminate DEA members’ research. For this reason, research papers are welcomed if at least one author is part of the DEA and the work is publishable.

The research paper should be a maximum of 60 pages and the submission should include:

  1. The document in electronic format (preferably PDF).
  2. The following form completed: form
  3. Keywords.
  4. JEL Code (JEL Classification codes)

Examples of recent working papers can be found at the DEA website.

It is important to be generous with keywords to help all those seeking working papers by topics.

Working papers can be found on websites IDEAS and EconPapers, both included in the EconLit database, the leading search engine for articles in Economics.

Authors must send the completed form along with the working paper by email to: