• Congratulations! We wish to congratulate Dr. Antoni Riera Font, member of the department and Technical Director of the Impulsa Balears Foundation, whose career path has been recognized by the Mallorca Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services, and Navigation with an honorary mention for the exhaustive economic studies he has carried out concerning the island.
  • Congratulations! Onda Cero Economics Prize: Congratulations to Mr. Esteban Bardolet Jane, honorary partner of our department, for the Onda Cero Economics Prize in its sixth edition of the Mallorca Onda Cero Awards.
    The award is the result of his dedication to the study and analysis of the Balearic economy, particularly the tourism industry. The ceremony will be held on February 20 at 19:30h at the Palma Auditorium.
    Congratulations, Esteve, this well-deserved recognition is gratifying for all of us.

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Tomás del Barrio Castro:
“Semi-parametric Seasonal Unit Root Tests”, Econometric Theory, forthcoming, (con P. M. M. Rodrigues y A. M. R. Taylor)

Tomás del Barrio Castro:
“Testing for Periodic Integration with a Changing Mean”, Computational Economics, forthcoming, (con M. Camarero y C. Tamarit)

Helena Marques:
"Gender, entrepreneurship and development: which policies matter?",
Development Policy Review
, 35(2), 197-228, 2017

Helena Marques:
"Does quality differentiation matter in exporters’ pricing behaviour? Evidence from China and India", China Economic Review, 40, 71-90, 2017, (con S. Mallick)

Helena Marques:
"Pricing strategy of emerging market exporters in alternate currency regimes: The role of comparative advantage", International Review of Economics and Finance, 45, 68-81, 2017, (con S. Mallick)

Victor Troster:
"Unemployment Persistence in OECD Countries after the Great Recession", Economic Modelling, forthcoming, (con A. M. Marques and G. T. Lima)

Victor Troster:
"Testing for Granger-causality in quantiles", Econometric Reviews, forthcoming

Catalina M. Torres Figuerola:
"Communicating research on the economic valuation of coastal and marine ecosystem services". Marine Policy, 75, 99-107, (con N. Hanley)

Catalina M. Torres Figuerola and Antoni Riera Font:
"Waiting or acting now? The effect on willingness-to-pay of delivering inherent uncertainty information in choice experiments", Ecological Economics, 131, 231-240, (con M. Faccioli)

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Working papers

"Mito y realidad del alquiler vacacional en las Islas Baleares. Análisis y recomendaciones de política turística"
José Luis Groizard and William Nilsson
DEA Working Paper No. 84, April 2017

"Framing individual choice behaviour in uncertain environmental settings: An analysis of tourist preferences for policies in the face of global warming"
Cati Torres, Angel Bujosa and Antoni Riera
DEA Working Paper No. 83, January 2017

"Investments, positive externalities and majority bargaining"
Daniel Cardona and Antoni Rubí-Barceló
DEA Working Paper No. 85, May 2017